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The leader started the blitz part strong by winning three in a row, which essentially buried Wang’s chances who at that point was trailing by eight blitz wins. He did put up a good fight; however, the match outcome was never really in question. An hour later, Liang made it to the final match by winning with a score of 34-23. This meant Wang needed to win five extra blitz games to win the match, while four extra wins would leave him a point short. Since the difference was an odd number, a draw was essentially impossible at this point. Among the confirmed participants is the speed-demon GM Daniel Naroditsky, a Charlotte resident himself.

  1. Jacobson did score some points here and there, but overall, the outcome of the match was not in question even for a second, and the final result was 34-9 in Naroditsky’s favor.
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  3. With a lot of experience in fast time controls, Naroditsky is sure to leave both his opponents and his fans baffled by his impressive speed.
  4. Naturally, commentators and spectators alike were expecting Tang to win comfortably.

One of the most important chess clubs in the United States, the award-winning Charlotte Chess Center is well-known for holding norm tournaments. With this event, the club is once more asserting their importance in the chess landscape by bringing together the strongest young talents in the country. As a result of today’s match, the four players qualified for the quarterfinals, and two of the quarterfinals pairs are known. Not only did the top seed win a lot of games, but he also offered a lot of learning opportunities to the viewers that were looking to learn.

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With a 2-0 score, he was of course picking the time control, and he unsurprisingly went for a bullet match. A difference in 15 points is not easy to neutralize in any time control, but in bullet, it meant Liang needed 15 extra wins, as now the games were only worth one point. Not an easy task overall, and an even harder one when there’s only an hour. This three-point advantage, though, became more significant as players moved on to the second leg of the match, since the 3/0 wins were less valuable, which meant Liang needed more than one extra win to catch up. After another loss, he scored four more wins, which brought the score to 7-2. Let’s see how dramatic some of the games were, with both opponents having ample chances.

Related Crypto’s and The Charlotte Chess Center are proud to announce the Blitzcoin Invitational! In this new action-packed event, the best US Chess players 25 years old and under will compete for their share of one Bitcoin. Toward the end, Liang picked up a few more nice wins and clinched the match with a score of to make it to the semifinals.

At some point, Shetty’s lead grew to five points, then decreased to three, but eventually, he clinched the match with and qualified to the quarterfinals. Their morbid curiosity was satisfied shortly, as Tang chose bullet as expected, and the biggest match of the entire tournament so far began. The deputy finance minister Alexei Moiseev told reporters on Tuesday that Russia acclaims its position not to ban cryptocurrencies. An overview showing the statistics of BlitzCoin, such as the base and quote currency, the rank, and trading volume.

The former was 500 points higher-rated in bullet and confirmed the initial fears of Hilby’s fans by convincingly winning the two bullet games. Jacobson is one of the best bullet players in the field, so it is no wonder he picked 1|0 as the time control for the match. It is especially logical, given his bullet rating is over 3100, while his opponent’s rating is just around 2600. In the semifinals, Naroditsky will face Tang, while Wang will play against Liang. Many believe that the winner of the former pair will be the winner of the tournament, as Naroditsky and Tang are the highest-rated players.

As it normally happens in these matches, at one point one of the players goes on a winning streak. This time, it was Wang who won four games in blitzcoin a row between game 14 and game 17. His opponent did strike back toward the end of the match, but it was already impossible to even the score.

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Since he was the lower-rated player, he would be the one picking the time control. And, just like in his first match two days ago versus IM Carissa Yip, he started with a bang, as he won seven games in a row. Jacobson managed to score 1.5/2 in the next two games, but that was all he could get. Naroditsky delivered another streak, this time of four wins in a row. Jacobson did score some points here and there, but overall, the outcome of the match was not in question even for a second, and the final result was 34-9 in Naroditsky’s favor.

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This was the first time in the tournament when the bullet mini-match ended in a draw. In such situations, the format foresees that the player with a lower USCF rating, this time Shetty, chooses the time control. Just like Jacobson in the previous match, he decided to compete in a one-hour bullet match. After a dramatic win in the bullet mini-match, where Yoo failed to convert while a piece up, Tang, of course, picked bullet as the time control. It is rather difficult for almost anyone in the world, including GM Magnus Carlsen, GM Alireza Alireza, and other stars of online fast time controls, to compete with Tang in bullet. Naturally, commentators and spectators alike were expecting Tang to win comfortably.

Despite losing those warm-up games in a somewhat depressing way, Wang was the first one to score in the actual match by beautifully coordinating three minor pieces versus his opponent’s queen. As the commentators pointed out, it is very difficult to use the queen successfully in bullet, as two or three of an opponent’s pieces have a much easier time attacking and creating quick threats. In order to keep things entertaining and fun for the audience, the organizers made a decision to not host all four matches of the day at the same time, but instead to have each of them begin an hour and fifteen minutes later. Given the amazing team of commentators, which featured the two Chessbrahs stars GM Eric Hansen and GM Aman Hambleton, as well as the CEO of the Charlotte Chess Center FM Peter Giannatos, viewers were guaranteed five to six hours of a great show. During the first day of this five-day-long event, four pairs were supposed to play matches to determine four winners that would make it to the quarterfinals.

Winners of the Day

However, Wang and Liang are certainly very dangerous bullet competitors as well, so the fourth day is certainly shaping to be very exciting. As expected, Tang won the first three bullet games, then Shetty scored his first win, making the score 3-1. Shetty lost two more games and won one, then lost two games again and won one once more, resulting in a 7-3 score. After this series of shots, Tang got a seven-win streak, which more or less sealed the match. The 16 invited elite US Chess members will compete in blitz and bullet matches to see who prevails.